Student Support

Student Support First Call (1 Feb 2011)

The organisers are pleased to announce that there will be a limited amount of funding available to support the conference costs of registered students who are presenting papers or posters at ECIR 2011.

The expected value of the student travel bursary this year will be €300. In order to apply for this support, a letter in PDF format containing the following information should be emailed to Nicola Stokes (use "ECIR 2011 Student Support" in the subject heading of the email):

  • Your affiliation
  • A realistic estimate of your costs bearing in mind that we expect you to be as economical as possible
  • The funding organisation that is supporting your work
  • The percentage of your conference costs that could be supported by this organisation; priority will be given to students who are not receiving funding from an external source.
  • The letter should be signed by both the student and their research adviser

Students who receive a bursary will be expected to assist staff at the conference with tasks such as organizing conference material, handling attendee registration, supporting sessions to ensure they run smoothly, checking badges, helping people get where they need to be, running errands, and the like. These tasks will typically consume part of the day, allowing the student to spend the majority of the time attending the conference.

The deadline for applications is the 14th of February 2011. Successful candidates will be notified on the 21st February 2011, and will receive their approved costs upon arrival at the conference in April.

Supported By

  • Dublin City University
  • University of Sheffield
  • The British Computer Society