Accepted Papers

Full Papers (45)

ID Authors Title
107 Aktolga, Elif, Allan, James, Smith, David Passage Reranking for Question Answering Using Syntactic Structures and Answer Types
112 Song, Fei, Darling, William M, Duric, Adnan, Kroon, Fred An Iterative Approach to Text Segmentation
113 He, Yulan Latent Sentiment Model for Weakly-Supervised Cross-Lingual Sentiment Classification
117 Robertson, Stephen E On the contributions of topics to system evaluation
124 Wartena, Christian, Wibbels, Martin Improving Tag-based Recommendation by Topic Diversification
137 Oh, Heung-Seon, Choi, Yoonjung, Myaeng, Sung-Hyon Text Classification for a Large-Scale Taxonomy using Dynamically Mixed Local and Global Models for a Node
145 Gyllstrom, Karl Anders, Moens, Marie-Francine Clash of the Typings Finding controversies and children’s topics within queries
149 Arguello, Jaime, Diaz, Fernando, Callan, Jamie, Carterette, Ben A Methodology for Evaluating Aggregated Search Results
163 Dinh, Duy, Tamine, Lynda Combining global and local semantic contexts for improving biomedical information retrieval
167 Jonassen, Simon, Bratsberg, Svein Erik Efficient Compressed Inverted Index Skipping for Disjunctive Text-Queries
177 Elsweiler, David Craig, Baillie, Mark, Ruthven, Ian What Makes Re-finding Information Difficult? A Study of Email Re-finding
179 Li, Peng, Wang, Bin, Jin, Wei, Cui, Yachao User-related Tag Expansion for Web Document Clustering
182 Addis, Andrea, Armano, Giuliano, Vargiu, Eloisa A Comparative Experimental Assessment of a Threshold Selection Algorithm in Hierarchical Text Categorization
186 B, Rama, Suresh, V, Madhavan, C E Veni Improving query focused summarization using look-ahead strategy
188 Hofmann, Katja, Whiteson, Shimon, de Rijke, Maarten Balancing Exploration and Exploitation in Learning to Rank Online
215 Seo, Jangwon, Croft, W. Bruce, Kim, Kwang Hyun, Lee, Joon Ho Smoothing Click Counts for Aggregated Vertical Search
218 Takamura, Hiroya, Yokono, Hikaru, Okumura, Manabu Summarizing a document stream
220 Rusiñol, Marçal, Aldavert, David, Karatzas, Dimosthenis, Toledo, Ricardo, Lladós, Josep Interactive Trademark Image Retrieval by Fusing Semantic and Visual Content
226 Iofciu, Tereza, Demartini, Gianluca, Craswell, Nick, de Vries, Arjen P. ReFER: effective Relevance Feedback for Entity Ranking
232 Koolen, Marijn, Kamps, Jaap Are Semantically Related Links Effective for Retrieval
243 Bortnikov, Edward, Lempel, Ronny, Vornovitsky, Kolman Caching for Realtime Search
255 Alonso, Omar, Baeza-Yates, Ricardo Design and Implementation of Relevance Assessments using Crowdsourcing
264 Macdonald, Craig, Ounis, Iadh Learning Models for Ranking Aggregates
266 Smirnova, Elena, Balog, Krisztian A User-oriented Model for Expert Finding
267 Chiluka, Nitin, Andrade, Nazareno, Pouwelse, Johan Link Prediction Approach to Recommendations in Large-scale User-Generated Content Systems
269 Serdyukov, Pavel, Taylor, Mike, Vishwa, Vinay, Richardson, Matthew, White, Ryen Automatic people tagging for expertise profiling in the enterprise
272 Řehůřek, Radim Subspace Tracking for Latent Semantic Analysis
273 Arampatzis, Avi, Zagoris, Konstantinos, Chatzichristofis, Savvas Dynamic Two-Stage Image Retrieval from Large Multimodal Databases
293 ZHAO, Xin, Jiang, Jing, Weng, Jianshu, He, Jing, Lim, Ee-Peng, Yan, Hongfei, Li, Xiaoming Comparing Twitter and Traditional Media using Topic Models
298 Duan, Huizhong, Zhai, Chengxiang Exploiting Thread Structures to Improve Smoothing of Language Models for Forum Post Retrieval
299 BASKAYA, Feza, KESKUSTALO, Heikki, JÄRVELIN, Kalervo Simulating Simple and Fallible Relevance Feedback
302 Li, Chenliang, Sun, Aixin, Datta, Anwitaman A Generalized Method for Word Sense Disambiguation based on Wikipedia
307 Kadar, Cristina, Iria, José Domain Adaptation for Text Categorization by Feature Labeling
324 Hefny, Ahmed, Dariwsh, Kareem, Alkahki, Ali Crowdsourcing for Cross Language and Multilingual Web Search
333 Arampatzis, Avi, Efraimidis, Pavlos, Drosatos, George Enhancing Deniability against Query-logs
337 Carrillo de Albornoz, Jorge, Plaza, Laura, Gervás, Pablo, Díaz, Alberto A Joint Model of Feature Mining and Sentiment Analysis for Product Review Rating
356 Kim, Jinyoung, Carvalho, Vitor An Analysis of Time-instability in Web Search Results
364 Keikha, Mostafa, Gerani, Shima, Crestani, Fabio TEMPER : A Temporal Relevance Feedback Method
367 Jagarlamudi, Jagadeesh, Bennett, Paul N Fractional Similarity: Cross-lingual Feature Selection for Search
371 Dulac-Arnold, Gabriel, Denoyer, Ludovic, Gallinari, Patrick Text Classification: A Sequential Reading Approach
377 Thota, Sree Lekha, Carterette, Ben Within-Document Term-Based Index Pruning with Statistical Hypothesis Testing
378 Phelan, Owen, McCarthy, Kevin, Bennett, Mike, Smyth, Barry Terms of a Feather: Content-based News Discovery and Recommendation using Twitter
383 Liu, Qiaoling, Agichtein, Eugene Modeling Answerer Behavior in Web-Scale Collaborative Question Answering, with Implications for Question Recommendation
386 Gatterbauer, Wolfgang Rules of Thumb for Information Acquisition from Large and Redundant Data
400 Kazai, Gabriella In Search of Quality in Crowdsourcing for Search Engine Evaluation

Short Papers (17)

ID Authors Title
143 Itakura, Kelly Y., Clarke, Charles L. A., Geva, Shlomo, Trotman, Andrew, Huang, Wei Che {Darren} Topical and Structural Linkage in Wikipedia
168 Kinsella, Sheila, Passant, Alexandre, Breslin, John Topic Classification in Social Media using Metadata from Hyperlinked Objects
175 Täckström, Oscar, McDonald, Ryan Discovering fine-grained sentiment with latent variable structured prediction models
203 Zhou, Deyu, He, Yulan Learning Conditional Random Fields from Unaligned Data for Natural Language Understanding
210 Kofler, Christoph, Larson, Martha, Hanjalic, Alan To Seek, Perchance to Fail: Expressions of User Needs in Internet Video Search
230 Massoudi, Kamran, Tsagkias, Manos, de Rijke, Maarten, Weerkamp, Wouter Incorporating Query Expansion and Quality Indicators in Searching Microblog Posts
231 Cummins, Ronan, Lalmas, Mounia, O'Riordan, Colm The Limits of Retrieval Effectiveness
237 Stein, Benno, Hagen, Matthias Empirical Evidence for the User-over-Ranking Hypothesis
246 Cai, Peng, Gao, Wei, Wong, Kam-Fai, Zhou, Aoying Weight-based Boosting Model for Cross-Domain Relevance Ranking Adaptation
312 Verberne, Suzan, Boves, Lou, Kraaij, Wessel Bringing Why-QA to Web Search
336 campinas, stephane, delbru, renaud, tummarello, giovanni SkipBlock: Self-Indexing for Block-Based Inverted List
346 Lipka, Nedim, Stein, Benno Classifying with Co-Stems: A new Representation for Information Filtering
366 Bellogín, Alejandro, Wang, Jun, Castells, Pablo Text Retrieval methods for item ranking in Collaborative Filtering
368 Subasic, Ilija, Berendt, Bettina Peddling or Creating? Investigating The Role of Twitter in News Reporting
370 Altingovde, Ismail Sengor, Ozcan, Rifat, Cambazoglu, Berkant Barla, Ulusoy, Özgür Second Chance: A Hybrid Approach for Dynamic Result Caching in Search Engines
374 Albakour, M-Dyaa, Nanas, Nikolaos, Kruschwitz, Udo, Fasli, Maria, Kim, Yunhyong, Song, Dawei, DeRoeck, Anne AutoEval: An Evaluation Methodology for Evaluating Query Suggestions Using Query Logs
392 Craswell, Nick, Fetterly, Dennis, Najork, Marc The Power of Peers

Posters (24)

ID Authors Title
152 Tonellotto, Nicola, Silvestri, Fabrizio, Perego, Raffaele Representing Document Lengths with Identifiers
166 Tjin-Kam-Jet, Kien, Trieschnigg, Dolf, Hiemstra, Djoerd Free-Text Search over Complex Web Forms
313 Di Nunzio, Giorgio Maria, Leveling, Johannes, Mandl, Thomas Multilingual Log Analysis: LogCLEF
327 Kürsten, Jens, Eibl, Maximilian A large-scale system evaluation on component-level
328 Magdy, Walid, Jones, Gareth Should MT Systems be Used as Black Boxes in CLIR?
351 Wang, Lei, Song, Dawei, Elyan, Eyad Video Retrieval based on Words-of-interests Selection
403 Trieschnigg, Dolf, Hauff, Claudia Classic Children’s Literature - Difficult to Read?
407 Leonard, David, Lillis, David, Toolan, Fergus, Zhang, Lusheng, Collier, Rem W, Dunnion, John Applying Machine Learning Diversity Metrics to Data Fusion in Information Retrieval
416 Shi, Yue, Larson, Martha, Hanjalic, Alan Reranking Collaborative Filtering with Multiple Self-contained Modalities
418 Shi, Yue, Larson, Martha, Hanjalic, Alan How Far are we in Trust-Aware Recommendation?
419 Safadi, Bahjat, Quénot, Georges Re-ranking for Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval
422 Herbert, Benjamin, Szarvas, György, Gurevych, Iryna Combining query translation techniques to improve cross-language information retrieval
428 Zuccon, Guido, Azzopardi, Leif Back to the Roots: Mean-Variance Analysis of Relevance Estimations
431 Zhao, Xiaozhao, Zhang, Peng, Song, Dawei, Hou, Yuexian A Novel Re-Ranking Approach Inspired by Quantum Measurement
434 Magdy, Walid, Lopez, Patrice, Jones, Gareth Simple vs. Sophisticated Approaches for Patent Prior-Art Search
436 Zellhoefer, David, Frommholz, Ingo, Schmitt, Ingo, Lalmas, Mounia, van Rijsbergen, Keith Towards Quantum-based DB+IR Processing based on the Principle of Polyrepresentation
438 Naveed, Nasir ATTention: Understanding Authors and Topics in Context of Temporal Evolution
439 Moshfeghi, Yashar, Jose, Joemon M. Role of Emotional Features in Collaborative Recommendation
440 Buffoni, David, Tollari, Sabrina, Gallinari, Patrick The importance of the depth for text-image selection strategy in Learning to Rank
441 Gerani, Shima, Keikha, Mostafa, Carman, Mark, Crestani, Fabio Personal Blog Retrieval Using Opinion Features
447 Frommholz, Ingo, Piwowarski, Benjamin, Lalmas, Mounia, van Rijsbergen, Keith Processing Queries in Session in a Quantum-inspired IR Framework
449 Di Buccio, Emanuele, Melucci, Massimo, Song, Dawei Towards Predicting Relevance Using a Quantum-Like Framework
451 Arampatzis, Avi, Zagoris, Konstantinos, Chatzichristofis, Savvas Fusion vs Two-Stage for Multimodal Retrieval
453 Neumayer, Robert, Mayer, Rudolf, Nørvåg, Kjetil Combination of Feature Selection Methods for Text Categorisation

Demo (6)

ID Authors Title
171 Llorens, Hector, Saquete, Estela, Navarro-Colorado, Borja, Gaizauskas, Robert Time-Surfer: Time-based Access to the Information
399 Demartini, Gianluca ARES: A Retrieval Engine based on Sentiments - Sentiment-based Search Result Annotation and Diversification
409 Eickhoff, Carsten, Polajnar, Tamara, Gyllstrom, Karl, Duarte Torres, Sergio, Glassey, Richard Web Search Query Assistance Functionality for Young Audiences
435 Magnani, Matteo, Montesi, Danilo, Nunziante, Gabriele, Rossi, Luca Conversation Retrieval from Twitter
443 Hannon, John Henry, McCarthy, Kevin, Smyth, Barry Finding Useful Users on Twitter: Twittomender the Followee Recommender
448 Van der Sluis, Frans, Duarte Torres, Sergio, Hiemstra, Djoerd, Van Dijk, Betsy, Kruisinga, Frea Visual Exploration of Health Information for Children

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